Amherst Archery Academy Homeschool Programs are scheduled at a time of day when most school-aged youth are still within the walls of a traditional classroom.   With our strong background in progressive and experiential education, we know that learning can take place anywhere at anytime.  What archers learn at the Amherst Archery Academy extends beyond just archery.  Elements of trust, patience, focus, calm, body awareness, breathing and responsibility are woven into the fabric of the experience.

Homeschool students and families are welcome to enroll in any of our General Group Sessions.  However, we want to draw your attention to a specific Session that runs on Thursdays during the Spring, Fall and Winter at 1:00 in the afternoon.  This “Thursday, 1:00 Session” is very popular with homeschool families and we recommend you enroll early.

Ages 7 through Adult.  All regularly scheduled “Thursday, 1:00 Sessions” are open to anyone who may also be available at 1:00 on a Thursday.  Consequently, a magnificent blend of children, teens, parents and retirees enroll in this Thursday, 1:00 Session.  The multi-age setting works out so well in archery and happens to also meet the goals of many homeschool families who want their children interacting with people of all ages.  The “Thursday, 1:00 Session” follows the same format of our General Group Sessions; reading that section will help you understand the format.

Custom Homeschool Programs: Are you are looking to connect archery with student interests in history, math, physics, music, art or literature?  Contact us or read about our Custom Co-Curricular Programs.