Lessons: Learn Archery


Stance, Nock and Arrow, Hook, Grip, Set, Set-Up, Draw to Load, Anchor, Transfer, Hold, Aim and Expand, Release and Follow Through. Olympic-Style Target Archery!

This archery class covers all the archery awesomeness that our other classes cover, but during a daytime class. All homeschool students ages 7+, retirees, and adults with flexible schedules are welcome to join us for our ongoing archery sessions.

This class is for all ability levels and ages. Homeschool kids, their parents, retirees, and adults with flexible schedules all arch side-by-side. We love our multi-generational community! Feel the draw.

All equipment provided.

About the class:

Session meets once a week for five weeks.
Every class is 90 minutes long.
Our indoor range is in Florence, MA.
Email us with your QUESTIONS.

Follow this link for DIRECTIONS to the RANGE.


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1:00pm – 2:30pm


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