Hoyt Double XL Target Bow & Free Private Lesson


The Double XL is super stable, comfortable, fast, and designed with performance in mind.  We love the Quad Flex Limbs and ZT Cam combination.  Very smooth and super fun to shoot.

Hoyt engineers more than bows; they engineer form. “Reaching” your head forward to your peep is more than just uncomfortable, it’s inconsistent. Hoyt engineered the ZT Hyper Cam Systems to promote comfortable, strain-free posture at full draw by increasing the distance between the cams at full draw. This broader cam-to-cam distance at full draw creates an ideal “flatter” string angle and brings the peep to you. These innovations allow a more relaxed, strain-free posture at full draw, and reduce facial contact, string pressure, and eye fatigue at anchor. The days of “reaching” are over; your days of tight, consistent groups have arrived.

The result is a 2018 35.75-inch bow that feels and performs as though its axle-to-axle measurement was even more generous, meaning it will feel and perform like a stable and forgiving 38-inch bow. If the numbers don’t convince you, your experience at full-draw and your tightened arrow groups will.

Available in all of the bold target colors Hoyt has become known for – as well as some classic, subdued colors.  Accent Colors also available.  Read more and see all available colors here.

Due to Manufacturer agreement, this product is only sold in our physical retail location in Florence, MA.  Please call us and set up a time to come see this bow or try one out.

You get more than a bow when you purchase from Amherst Archery.  You get service and personal attention.  We will size you, help you determine what Draw Length, Cams and Draw Weight you need.  You even get a free, 1hr private lesson with Level IV USA Archery Coach, Coach Kyle, with your purchase of a compound bow.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Silver Ice, Right Handed, In Stock Now.


  • Multi-Layer Lamination Limbs(TM) are the strongest, most dependable, longest-lasting limbs you’ll find anywhere.
  • Shock-Rod Technology eliminates noise and vibration.
  • Hoyt’s patented Parallel Split-Limb Technology provides for an effective overall width of 2¼ inches, creating much more lateral and torsional stability than that of a traditional 1½” solid limb design.
  • Perfect Balance Stabilization System: A well balanced bow provides the shooter with a steadier aim that is easy to hold at full draw. It will also carry better in the field.
  • Fuse custom bow strings
  • Tec Lite Risers – survive Hoyt’s 1,500 dry-fire test and feature vibration-stifling bridged grip design.
  • And More: Read all about the technology Hoyt has put into this bow.