Kaminski Weekend: Bow Tuning & Body Tuning: Nov 10, 11, 12, 2018

Come join Jake Kaminski and Heather Kaminski on the very full weekend of Bow Tuning and Body Tuning!

Read closely – there are so many options for how you can engage with this amazing opportunity over the course of the weekend.  Make a full weekend out of it, or pick and choose the options that work best for you.  Attend one day of bow tuning or a day and a half.  Follow up the day and a half bow tuning with a 1/2 day of Body Tuning with Heather Kaminski or just come for the Body Tuning.  Super busy that weekend? No problem – choose a private lesson!

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Bow Tuning Clinic with Jake Kaminski: Saturday, Nov 10, 2018, 8:30-5:00

Jake Kaminski will guide you through the set up and tuning of recurve bows as well as the theory of advanced tuning.  Bring your bow!   This is a hands-on, experiential bow tuning clinic and Jake will use participant bows to help demonstrate tuning techniques.  Bring your questions and get ready to learn from the best.  Wanting to keep learning? Enroll in the additional 1/2 Day Clinic on Sunday to get the very most out of this Tuning oppor-tune-ity.  Tools for sale at Amherst Archery or bring your own.  Lunches that are pre-purchased through the Amherst Archery website will be delivered to you during the Clinic. Saturday is the Full Day; Sunday is the additional 1/2 Day. 

Private Lessons with Jake Kaminski: Select times Sunday & Monday, Nov 11-12

Book private lessons in one-hour increments with Jake Kaminski on Sunday and Monday.  Shooting form, bow tuning, what are you going to ask Jake Kaminski to help you with?   

Archery Specific Strength Training Clinic 1/2 Day with Heather Kaminski: Sunday, Nov 11, 1:30-5:30

Join Heather in this 1/2 Day Clinic designed to guide recurve and compound archers in strength training and injury prevention practices.  It will cover dynamic warm ups, injury prevention, taping, flexibility, mobility, power and self-care.  If you are serious about pursuing archery and want to be in it for the long haul, or if you are older want to minimize the risk of injury, this is a perfect opportunity.  This clinic is hands-on and experiential.  Foam rollers, mats, stretch bands and other tools used by archer athletes will be ready for you to use.  Want a custom training plan? Combine the 1/2 day clinic with a private lesson with Heather and walk away with a custom training plan!

Private Personal Strength Training & Custom Training Plan with Heather Kaminski: Select times, Sat-Sun, Nov 10-12

Walk away from this one hour private with a custom, 3-day / week strength training plan designed for you by Heather Kaminski.  Increase strength, decrease potential for injury and maximize your performance by committing to using a training plan. 

Heather Kaminski Massage: Select times, Sat-Sun, Nov 10-12

Heather Kaminski knows bodies and she also knows archery.  Schedule a one hour sports massage from Heather and experience how the therapeutic effects of massage will increase mobility, promote healing and flexibility, and help you maximize performance.  Heather can help teach you what areas of your body might be most important for you to work on, as an archer athlete, to keep your body in tip top shape.

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