Gambler's Sale Header

Archery Gear Gambler’s Sale 2018

Saturday, October 6: 9:00-5:00
Sunday, October 7: 10:00-3:00
Monday, October 8: 10:00-1:00

ALL items at the Amherst Archery retail store, PLUS special orders, are on sale up to 30% off!  What makes this a Gamble, you ask?  Well, you ROLL DICE just before cashing out and the numbers you roll on the dice add together to make the additional total off of your sale.  For example: You get a set of X10 arrows, a Faktor riser, a lightweight training bow, a quiver and a Beiter plunger, all at different amounts off.  Then you step up to the checkout counter and roll the dice.  Lets say you roll a “4” and a “6” – add those together to get an additional 10% off your total purchase. 

Step 1): On Saturday, Sunday and Monday October 6, 7, 8 – Go shopping at Amherst Archery’s NEW range (38 meters) and retail store (1k sq ft), 221 Pine St. Suite 155, Florence, MA. 

Step 2): Load up on everything you want, including special orders of items not in stock. Yes, we can custom order items for you.

Step 3): Bring your loot to our checkout counter and ROLL THE DICE!  The numbers you roll becomes the additional % off your purchase.

Equipment for the Beginning Archer, Intermediate and Advanced Competitor, Recreational Enthusiasts, including:
  • Recurve Risers by HOYT, MK, old SF Stock, SAMICK, SPIGARELLI, W&W, Gilo;
  • Compound Bows from HOYT;
  • Arrows by EASTON and CARBON EXPRESS and more (tons of X10 shafts, ACE, ACC, Eclipse and Carbon One shafts in stock!);
  • Recurve ILF & Formula Limbs by HOYT, W&W, UUKHA, MK, SAMICK;
  • Beginner Training Bows by FARMINGTON ARCHERY and SAMICK
  • Plungers by BEITER and SHIBUYA;
  • Arrow rests by SPIGARELLI, SHIBUYA and AAE;
  • Sights from AXCEL, SF, AVALON, INFITEC;
  • Release Aids by TRUBALL;
  • Quivers by EASTON and AVALON;
  • Plus: lots of smaller items like finger tabs, arm guards, quivers, bow cases and backpacks, chest guards galore, string wax, arrow lube, finger slings, tools, target faces and more.  Used ILF risers (21” and 25” Hoyt risers) in stock as well! 

Sale only applies to items in the store or items custom ordered by customers present in the store during the time of the sale.  Online sales are not included in Amherst Archery’s Gambler’s Sale. Some exclusions apply.