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Our Indoor Range in Florence is generally open during classes and by appointment.
Class schedules can change without notice so please call in advance.

Mon – Fri 4pm – 7pm
Sat 9am – noon

Indoor Range 

The Arts & Industry Building
221 Pine Street, Suite 150
Florence, MA 01062

Mailing Address (for mail only…not people)

19 Orchard Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

Finding our Indoor Range in FLORENCE, MA

If you park in front of the building: Walk up the short flight of stairs located in the middle of the front loading dock. Enter door that the stairs align you with (there is a small sign that says “Main Entrance” and the door is to the right of a couch on the loading dock). Once inside you will pass by mailboxes on the left and bulletin boards on the right. A staircase will rise up in front of you. Walk towards the foot of the staircase and then turn left followed by a sharp right (the only options) to follow the hallway. Hall lights are on motion sensors so it may be dark at first. Suite 150 will be the first door down this hall on your left!
If you park in the back of the building: Find the back parking lot by driving through the narrow passage to the right of the front parking lot. This is a one way street with some large pothole so please drive carefully. Enter the garage door in the center of the loading dock. Close the garage door tightly. Walk down hallway – lights are on motion sensors. Suite 150 is the door on the right with all the activity and happy people with bows!

Our Team
Kyle Forbes Bissell
Owner & Level IV Coach
I began exploring archery when I was 7 years old, started teaching archery at age 15, certified instructors around New England, and founded Amherst Archery Academy in 2011. I have an M.Ed. and teach Phys. Ed. For 21 years I taught people of all ages to move their bodies in fun and efficient ways. For example, I was a Level III alpine ski instructor and in 1997 Skiing Magazine named me in the 75 best instructors in the USA for children. I love experiential and authentic education. I love archery. More specifically, I love the journey and lessons that archery provides; lessons that, unless they are remembered and applied off of the field, are far less potent. Patience, breathing, focus, goal setting, posture, body awareness, quality of character. Find your center.
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Kelley Strickland
Level I Instructor
The first time I shot a bow at Amherst Archery Academy I was immediately hooked. I love the way archery challenges me both physically and mentally. The best thing about being a part of Amherst Archery Academy is how supportive of a community it is. Everyone is here because they want to learn something and more importantly they are having fun while doing so! I have five years experience teaching martial arts and I am excited about bringing this perspective to my teaching here at AAA. When I’m not doing archery or martial arts I spend my time with friends, go for hikes, and play video games.
Cerji Colvin
Level II Instructor
I love archery because it's fun and challenging. I was introduced to archery at summer camp when I was a kid, but got away from it over the years. I took it up again in 2011 to become the certified instructor for Circle of Tapawingo, a week-long camp in Maine for girls age 8-16 who've experienced the death of a parent. Since then, I have also become the archery instructor for CalEx, a week-long camp in CA for girls who've experienced the death of a family member. I shoot barebow because I like the basic simplicity of shooting without lots of accessories. I see archery as a sport at which I can compete against myself, and I'm always trying to shoot just a little bit better....
Atreyu Moonstone
Level I Instructor
Atreyu began as a student at AAA before beginning to apprentice to Owner and Head Coach, Kyle Forbes Bissell. Now a Level I Instructor, he can regularly be seen coaching and assisting at AAA.
SerahRose Bissell
Business Development & Level II Instructor
I picked up a bow for the first time in my imagination when I was a very small, adventure-seeking kid. In my china cabinet I still have two tiny bows that I crafted out of forsythia branches which I carefully peeled the bark from. They are strung with delicate strands of sewing thread. In 2014, I finally had the chance to pick up a real bow, place arrow to nock, and breathe my way into a target. It's no surprise that my tiny little bows have traveled with me through years of moves and life, archery brings to me a place of peace, of challenge, of opportunities.
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Mason Willard
Level I Instructor
When I first met Amherst Archery Academy in January of 2014 I was just an eager homeschooler ready for a new fun experience. Soon archery became a focus that I intend to pursue for life. As a Level 1 Instructor I plan to not only further my exploration of archery, but to also help others begin their journey in a safe, fun, and supportive manner.
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