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Our Indoor Range in Florence is open during the week for range use, retail purchases, group classes and private coaching by appointment.
Class schedules can change without notice so please call in advance.

Monday – Friday: 12 Noon – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – noon.  Private lessons and custom groups scheduled after noon.
Sunday: 8:00am – 11:00. Members and current students only. Range open only; no retail.

Indoor Range (Where archers go)

The Arts & Industry Building
221 Pine Street, Suite 155
Florence, MA 01062

Mailing Address (for mail only…not people)

19 Orchard Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

Finding our Indoor Range in FLORENCE, MA

221 Pine Street is easy to find. It is a giant old mill building, white brick, commonly referred to as the Arts & Industry Building, Brushworks, or the “old Pro Brush Building” for locals.

Finding Suite 155:

If you park: a) in front of 221 Pine Street, b) in the Elks Lodge overflow lot, c) or across the street from 221 Pine: Walk up the short flight of stairs (6 steps maybe) located in the middle of the front loading dock that runs parallel with Pine Street. Enter the door that the stairs align you with (there is a small sign that says “Main Entrance”. Once inside you will see mailboxes on the left, bulletin boards and a vending machine on the right; a staircase is in front of you. Suite 155 is directly in front of you, to the left of the staircase.

If you park in the dirt lot behind 221 Pine:  Enter the garage door in the center of the rear loading dock. Close the garage door after you enter. Walk down hallway and take a hard, U-turn style left hand turn at the end of the hallway. Suite 155 is now in front of you.

You have four options for parking! Here they are in order by our preference. See map on last page.

  • Park in front of the Arts & Industry Building.
    1. These spaces may fill fast as there are lots of people who use the Arts & Industry Space. Wheelchair accessible.
  • Park in the overflow lot of the Elks Lodge
    1. Drive past 221 Pine Street/Arts & Industry Building so that it is on your right; Arrive at a STOP sign. Turn Right. A large Parking Lot is immediately visible on your right – part of an Elks Lodge. Hundreds of spaces here. Use the ones closest to the Arts & Industry Building and walk on sidewalk to front loading dock of Arts & Industry Building.   Wheelchair accessible.
  • Park on the opposite side of Pine Street
    1. The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant and other businesses have a large parking lot slightly up hill and across the street from 221 Pine Street. If Overflow Parking at Elks Lodge is full, park here.
  • Park behind the Arts & Industry Building
    1. Find the back parking lot by driving through the narrow passage to the right of the front parking lot. This is a one-way and has some large potholes, so please drive carefully. Not wheelchair accessible.

Amherst Archery Parking Lots

Our Team
Kyle Forbes Bissell
Owner & Level IV Coach
I began exploring archery when I was 7 years old, started teaching archery at age 15, certified instructors around New England, and founded Amherst Archery Academy in 2011. I have an M.Ed. and teach Phys. Ed. For 21 years I taught people of all ages to move their bodies in fun and efficient ways. For example, I was a Level III alpine ski instructor and in 1997 Skiing Magazine named me in the 75 best instructors in the USA for children. I love experiential and authentic education. I love archery. More specifically, I love the journey and lessons that archery provides; lessons that, unless they are remembered and applied off of the field, are far less potent. Patience, breathing, focus, goal setting, posture, body awareness, quality of character. Find your center.
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Kelley Strickland
Level I Instructor
The first time I shot a bow at Amherst Archery Academy I was immediately hooked. I love the way archery challenges me both physically and mentally. The best thing about being a part of Amherst Archery Academy is how supportive of a community it is. Everyone is here because they want to learn something and more importantly they are having fun while doing so! I have five years experience teaching martial arts and I am excited about bringing this perspective to my teaching here at AAA. When I’m not doing archery or martial arts I spend my time with friends, go for hikes, and play video games.
Cerji Colvin
Level III-NTS Coach

I became involved with archery in 2011 to become the certified instructor for Circle of Tapawingo, a week-long camp in Maine for girls age 8-16 who've experienced the death of a parent. Since then, I have also become the archery instructor for CalEx, a week-long camp in CA for girls who've experienced the death of a family member. I shoot barebow because I like the basic simplicity of shooting without lots of accessories. I see archery as a sport at which I can compete against myself, and I'm always trying to shoot just a little bit better.

I encourage archers to succeed by supporting their goals, and understanding their challenges. I am empathetic to the needs of archer athletes, and request they be empathetic toward themselves. I want archer athletes to learn new skills in a fun, safe, respectful environment, where everyone is considerate of the community we are creating.

Atreyu Moonstone
Level II Instructor
Atreyu helps keep Amherst Archery running. Not only does he coach, he also builds bows, fulfills online orders, builds arrows, makes custom grips and strings and more. Atreyu is amazingly has helped grow Amherst Archery and made himself an integral part of AAA since it first began in 2011. Atreyu began as a student at AAA before beginning to apprentice to Owner and Head Coach, Kyle Forbes Bissell. Atreyu has been a Level I Instructor for several years and will go for his Level II this year. When you see Atreyu at the range, make sure you thank him for all the work he does.
SerahRose Bissell
Business Development & Level III-NTS Coach
I picked up a bow for the first time in my imagination when I was a very small, adventure-seeking kid. In my china cabinet I still have two tiny bows that I crafted out of forsythia branches from which I carefully peeled the bark. They are strung with delicate strands of sewing thread. In 2014, I finally had the chance to pick up a real bow, nock an arrow, and breathe my way into a target. It's no surprise that my tiny little bows have traveled with me through years of moves and life. Archery brings to me a place of peace, of challenge, of opportunities.
As a coach, I encourage athletes to reach beyond their current perception of self to something greater. This is done by nurturing the sparks they hold within, supporting them through reliable and consistent coaching, and inspiring them by challenging their assumptions. I coach with kindness, attention to detail, patience, and the celebration of successes. I truly believe that if you put the effort in, you can go as far as you want to go.
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Lynn Oberbillig
Level III-NTS Coach

Lynn is part of the Amherst Archery Academy Adult Archery Achievement Program, competes in local tournaments, and coaches with AAA whenever we are lucky enough to have her. Lynn has an extensive background in sports studies and trains coaches at the graduate level. Coach Lynn coached Division I basketball and softball at Nicholls College, is the former Athletic Director at Smith College and currently lecturer and Director of the Exercise and Sports Studies Graduate Program at Smith College. Coach Kyle loves talking with Coach Lynn about coaching theory, physiology, research and best coaching practices. We are so luck to have Lynn be part of AAA.  Coach Lynn's Coaching Philosophy: 

"As someone with passion for learning and coaching, I try to instill passion in others.  I do this by role modeling, creating an environment that supports risk taking, and by sharing my knowledge of the sport, how the body works, and my understanding of the mental aspects of sport.
I see myself as a facilitator who helps athletes identify goals and the means to achieve those goals.  I believe athletes learn best by doing and having a variety of activities to enhance their learning.  Learning is best achieved when it is athlete directed and I am the facilitator helping athletes to achieve their goals."
Carrie Bergman
Level II Instructor
Carrie demonstrates great dedication to and interest in archery. She is in inquisitive practitioner of the sport, always eager to understand and improve her own form and instruction. It is these qualities, combined with her experience at tournaments, training, and compassion, that will make you lucky to get Carrie as an archery instructor. Carrie studied directly with US Head Coach KiSik Lee during his time at Amherst Archery in May, 2017 and is an Olympic style target archer as well as a practitioner of Kyudo, Japanese traditional archery.
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