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Birthday Parties & Special Events

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Birthday Parties & Special Events

Archery Parties Are Fun!
AAA hosts birthday parties and special events for ages 7 through and including adults. We’ve had all sorts of successful parties…for example…

  • a 10-year old, his siblings, and his parents have an intimate special day together
  • a 15-year old brings her many friends and they learn archery together
  • a 60-year old woman invites her best girlfriends to celebrate with athletic style
  • a couple, who are visiting family in town, bring everyone out for a family adventure
AAA Provides
  • an overview of range rules
  • instruction in proper shooting technique
  • supervision while arching
  • all the equipment needed for archery
  • balloons to shoot at and archery games
  • program facilitation for a full two hours
  • one, two or three staff depending on the number of participants

Rates vary depending on the number of people attending. Cash, checks and cards accepted.  Please contact us to discuss your event and we will email you options.

Professional Development

Tired of pizza parties, improv games, and white water rafting? Archery, when used as a professional development tool, can be a powerful game-changer in a working organization. We will work with you to develop a program that will align with your professional development goals. These can include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Choosing and aiming for a target
  • Using breath
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Releasing conflict
  • Empathy and celebration
  • Finding center

You will work directly with Owner and Head Coach Kyle Forbes Bissell to create a program that is as unique as your organization. Contact us today for a first conversation about opportunities for your staff.

Co-Curricular Programs

Co-Curricular Programs are custom events designed to ignite the curiosity and wonder for learning a particular subject matter by exposing students to the hands-on, engaging endeavor of archery.

Archery readily connects with multiple subjects and can be used as a medium for exploring and learning:

  • history
  • math
  • physics
  • music
  • art
  • literature
  • engineering
  • carpentry
  • character development

One program we love doing connects physics with archery and encourages school-aged youth to explore how work, force, energy, mechanical potential energy, kinetic energy, and elastic and inelastic collisions connect with archery.  Students review physics vocabulary, learn how to shoot archery, and are then challenged to apply physics vocabulary and concepts to describe the process of shooting an arrow.  We provide props and hands-on opportunities for guided experimentation.

The Benefits of Archery and Curriculum Integration
  • participants explore the authentic connections archery has to your chosen subject matter
  • participants are introduced to a sport accessible to a huge range of ages and physical abilities that is quite different from most of the team sports offered in communities today
  • participants ‘learn by doing’ as we support your work through this unique experience
  • participants are exposed to the mindful practices of a focused exercise
How We Create the Curriculum

Program designs emerge from cooperative, creative and inspired dialogues between Amherst Archery Academy owner, Kyle Forbes Bissell, M.Ed., and your group organizer.  Group organizers are often teachers, school administrators, education consultants and parents of children who are homeschooled.  A full CV on Mr. Bissell’s curriculum and educational experience is available upon request.

We can travel to your school or site, or you can come to us. Contact Kyle today to start brain-storming your unique program!